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Trucking Services : STD trucks

From the ancient time truck movement attracted the attention of traders and businessmen due to shorter transit time. Considering this fact that Iran is on the route to CIS, we have obtained well-equipped facilities to move cargo by truck to CIS, Afghanistan, Caucasians, Pakistan, Turkey, Iraq and Russia. By owning a navigate of 300 unit flat trucks, Tilt truck, Car Carriers, Reefer trucks, Bunker, Tanker, KHB is able to offer you quality services with suitable transit time.

Different types of trucks we own are as below :

1.      Tilt truck: Dimensions of a tilt truck is 12.20 x 2.50 x 2.50. By this type of truck we are able to move break bulk cargoes up to 29 MT.

2.      Jumbo tent trucks: Dimensions of a jumbo truck is 13.6 x 2.45 x 2.70 which is suitable for moving volumable cargoes such as tea and furniture. The payload which can be moved by this type of truck is up to 24.5 MT.

3.      Flat truck: By this type of truck we are able to move 29 MT cargo +tare weight. 20, 40, HQ, Open Top, Reefer are being moved by flat trucks from different origins to any points. Our fleet includes safe and new trucks with well-experienced enough. They are regularly in contact with the central office when they are on the route.

4.      Car Carriers: These trucks are specialized for moving cars with STD dimensions and generally 6 cars can be loaded on these trucks. We are currently moving cars from Bandar Abbas to Turkmenistan, Afghanistan tajikestan, Uzbekistan Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

5.      Bunkers & Tankers: These trucks are specialized for moving liquids, fluids, gases, oil, gas oil and bitumen. Should you require such movement we own concerned equipments in this regard.

6.     special truck: Iranian low bed trucks with 5,7 and 11 axles as well as Buggy up to 36 axles.
 for carrying heavy & oversized cargoes. The dimension which can be carried is 12.40 x 3.50 x 2.90 m. The weight which can be carried is over 29.500 to 80 MT.

 We are pleased to offer you services for such movements with qualified tracing and short transit time.

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